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Bottom-up Attempts at Agroecological Transitions in China

The study explores bottom-up agroecological transitions in two Chinese villages, Sanliwan and Sanggang. Sanliwan faces environmental degradation, lack of markets, need for agroecological technical extension, and farmer atomization. In contrast, Sanggang successfully navigates these through farmer organization, efficient resource utilization, improved technology, and market development. The study calls for further research on top-down responses to these challenges. … Continue readingBottom-up Attempts at Agroecological Transitions in China

Community seed network in an era of climate change

A study analyzed maize diversity in Yucatán, Mexico, tracking changes amid climatic shifts. It revealed community-level conservation and farmers’ agrobiodiversity management strategies played crucial roles in recovery and resilience to climate change disturbances, particularly high rainfall events. … Continue readingCommunity seed network in an era of climate change

Holistic pedagogies for social change

The Bay Area Farmer Training (BAFT) trained aspiring urban farming practitioners in agroecology, using a pedagogy rooted in humanistic values, social justice, popular education, liberatory experiences, and decolonial and feminist frameworks. This chapter outlines the contra-hegemonic and participatory pedagogical philosophies and practices implemented within the program while providing examples of how the curriculum manifested in praxis. … Continue readingHolistic pedagogies for social change

Discussing the Food Systems Minor at UC Berkeley: a three year report

This report highlights the accomplishments of the Food Systems minor at UC Berkeley. We hope to stimulate a conversation on how to showcase the importance of experiential education and critical thinking around food systems at public institutions of higher education like UC Berkeley. … Continue readingDiscussing the Food Systems Minor at UC Berkeley: a three year report

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