Knowledge Democratization Approaches for Food Systems Transformation

Current narrow views of what constitutes evidence have left blind spots in food system decision-making. Yet, alternative ways of facilitating the production and exchange of transdisciplinary knowledge enable key lessons for more equitable and informed policy processes. … Continue readingKnowledge Democratization Approaches for Food Systems Transformation

Bottom-up Attempts at Agroecological Transitions in China

The study explores bottom-up agroecological transitions in two Chinese villages, Sanliwan and Sanggang. Sanliwan faces environmental degradation, lack of markets, need for agroecological technical extension, and farmer atomization. In contrast, Sanggang successfully navigates these through farmer organization, efficient resource utilization, improved technology, and market development. The study calls for further research on top-down responses to these challenges. … Continue readingBottom-up Attempts at Agroecological Transitions in China

Santa Cruz – April 2023

Between storms and strong winds, my father and I found a window of mild weather to sail from Berkeley to Santa Cruz. We motored from Berkeley to just past Alcatraz, at which point the winds quickly picked up. I had chosen the genoa due to the light wind conditions, but we were quickly overpowered. As we headed to a more sheltered position near the San Francisco shoreline, I swapped out the genoa for the class jib. With just two tacks, we had cleared Lands End and were sailing comfortably along the coast on an upwind tack. We stayed on the same tack until Half Moon Bay. Around Montara, the already mild winds died down even further. I put back the genoa, which we probably could have been using for most of the day after clearing Lands End. As we got closer to Half Moon Bay, the winds shifted and we were sailing downwind between the buoys marking the approach to the harbor. After clearing the last of the marker buoys, we found ourselves sailing upwind to a nice breeze leading up to the sea wall. We sailed in the lagoon behind the sea wall and dropped anchor for the night. … Continue readingSanta Cruz – April 2023

M&R Log 2022

The vessel Grace underwent crucial modifications this year, including completing major repairs, improving routine maintenance, and certain enhancements. The primary changes involved outboard services, deck hardware bedding, winch servicing, and brightwork. Bottom paint application, boom repair, and sail replacements were critical improvements implemented. These modifications brought significant efficiency and durability, crucial for extended coastal cruising. … Continue readingM&R Log 2022

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