Knowledge Democratization Approaches for Food Systems Transformation

Samara Brock, Lauren Baker, Amanda Jekums, Faris Ahmed, Margarita Fernandez, Maywa Montenegro de Wit, Francisco J. Rosado-May, V. Ernesto Méndez, Colin R. Anderson, Fabrice DeClerck, Molly D. Anderson, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Brendan Hoare, Hannah Wittman, Amaury Peeters, Peter Gubbels, Cerasela Stancu, Stéphane Bellon, Jonathan G. Lundgren, Swati Renduchintala, Vijay Thallam, Jane Maland Cady & Paul Rogé. “Knowledge Democratization Approaches for Food Systems Transformation.” Nature Food 5, no. 5 (May 9, 2024): 342–45.

Abstract: Current narrow views of what constitutes evidence have left blind spots in food system decision-making. Yet, alternative ways of facilitating the production and exchange of transdisciplinary knowledge enable key lessons for more equitable and informed policy processes.

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