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Community seed network in an era of climate change

Local seed systems remain the fundamental source of seeds for many crops in developing countries. This article analyzes the dynamics of maize diversity over 3 years in a farming community of Yucatán state, Mexico, where elevated levels of precipitation forced farmers in 2012 to reduce maize diversity in their plots. We found that, under these challenging circumstances, farmers focused their efforts on their most reliable landraces, disregarding hybrids. … Continue readingCommunity seed network in an era of climate change

Indicators of Land Insecurity for Urban Farms

Based on surveys with over 56 urban farm managers in California, we identify possible indicators of land tenure insecurity for urban farms. Our analysis finds that urban farms with greater land security have more financial and institutional support, and are located in census tracts with higher economic opportunity. … Continue readingIndicators of Land Insecurity for Urban Farms

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