Indicators of Land Insecurity for Urban Farms

A photo of an urban garden in Oakland, CA

Arnold, Joshua, and Paul Rogé. 2018. “Indicators of Land Insecurity for Urban Farms: Institutional Affiliation, Investment, and Location.” Sustainability 10 (6): 1963.

Abstract: As urban agriculture (UA) continues to expand in the United States, many practitioners question its continuation in cities with high property values and increased economic incentives for development. Frequently, these pressures make urban farmers anxious about investing resources, time, and energy in land suitable for food production if tenure is insecure. Despite these concerns, UA continues to persist in areas experiencing increased property values and rent-seeking. Based on surveys with over 56 urban farm managers in California, we identify possible indicators of land tenure insecurity for urban farms. Our analysis finds that urban farms with greater land security have more financial and institutional support, and are located in census tracts with higher economic opportunity.

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