M&R Log 2022

This year finally saw the end of major repairs and improvements to Grace. Mostly, I kept up with annual maintenance, such as servicing the outboard, bedding deck hardware, servicing the winches, and keeping up with the brightwork. I am continuing to use a natural linseed oil varnish, called Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish No.1, which is a pleasure to work with and is durable enough. I did some minor fixes to hairline cracks in the gelcoat here and there, and I rewired the bow bi-color navigation light, which had been removed to be repaired by Weems & Plath. I also picked up a spare 3-gallon fuel tank with a direct hose attachment to the outboard, which will be used for extended motoring when coastal cruising. Filling up the outboard’s tank every few hours gets old fast! … Continue readingM&R Log 2022

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