Popular and Online Education

In partnership with my colleagues at the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA), I designed the blended in-person and online curriculum for a 3-month urban agriculture and food justice intensive called the Bay Area Farmer Training (BAFT). It is a program crafted to meet the needs and aspirations of immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated, and under-resourced beginning farmers. My primary responsibility is currently the food and farm incubator phase of the program that provides graduates with opportunities for professional advising, apprenticeship, and mini-grants. BAFT’s online learning platform was my first serious deep immersion into online education. I have since collaborated on the curriculum development of a fully online course offered by MESA called Climate Resilience - A Course for Farmers, and also an intensive training on the pedagogy of farm incubator programs called the Training of Farmer Trainers.

As a faculty-owner at the Cooperative New School for Urban Studies and Environmental Justice (the CNS), I am part of an effort to build a networked learning community across multiple cities in the United States. I teach live webinars and courses on such topics as urban agriculture, agroecology, and food justice. The CNS is a worker-owned cooperative that I helped co-found in 2017. The project has roots in progressive Southern movements with a long tradition of self-defense, solidarity, and radical love. We at the CNS intend to contribute similarly in this tradition. We bring environmental justice, social justice, and organizing strategies to the people, to make knowledge accessible to everyone. In community, we seek to change the hearts and minds of everyday people to realize their agency.

BAFT Singing Frogs Farm visit (2016)

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