Santa Cruz to Año Nuevo 2022-03-29

  • Started: Mar 29, 2022 7:12 AM
  • Trip Time: 8:19:45
  • Dist. Traveled: 34.92 nm
  • Average Speed: 4.19 kts
  • Max. Speed: 6.57 kts
  • Captain: Paul Rogé
  • Crew: None
  • Equipment: Zodiac tender in tow

Originally, my plan was to sail to Half Moon Bay and then onward to the San Francisco Bay. I got an early start at 7:12am given predictions of some coastal wind. However, it was largely non-existent. After a little while bobbing about near the Santa Cruz Wharf, I decided to motor at about 3 knots for about two hours until 9:12am. I could have gone faster, but wanted to conserve my gas reserves. Strong southerly winds were encountered once clear of the Monterey Bay. I sailed upwind for a while with my genoa until it became just too difficult to manage. On a tack near shore, I swapped out my genoa for the class jib. Eventually as winds picked up, I would also reef the main. The sea conditions had lots of swell and it was a wet ride. I started to get the hang of how to avoid slamming the boat over the swell without deviating too much from my course.

Given my progress by the early afternoon, my father who was following me through Garmin Explorer recommended that I spend the night at Año Nuevo Marine Reserve. I was pretty tired of beating upwind at that point. I also figured it would be safer to enter Half Moon Bay during daylight hours since it has been about a decade since sailing into that harbor. I anchored at depth of 28 feet a good distance from Año Nuevo Beach. The water was beautifully clear and patches of seaweed surrounded the boat.

There was still a fair amount of southerly wind blowing over the landmass to the north, which kept my boat perpendicular to the direction of small waves approaching the shore. All the rolling kept me up pretty late, and I probably only got a few hours of actual sleep. Still, it was worth it, as I received a call about a theft at my home, and decided to return to Santa Cruz the next day to take care of the situation. So much for my plans of 5 days cruising!

Año Nuevo Marine Reserve
Anchored among the kelp beds at Año Nuevo Marine reserve.

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